HP Indigo 10,000 – The Bay Area’s First

JP Graphics acquires a true ‘Game Changer’….the Bay Area’s first HP Indigo 10000 in a commercial print environment!

•Matches or even exceeds offset
•The largest digital sheetfed press – B2 size
•7 colors – white included
•Compatible with more than 2800 certified substrates – from 45 lb text to 150 lb cover
3-18 pt. in thickness – coated, undercoated, and SBS board for folding cartons
•175-line screen

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JP Graphics acquires JP Indigo 10000

Wedding Invitation Printing and Design

Wedding Invitation Printing and Design from JP Graphics

Have an wedding coming up? Your wedding invitations give guests a glimpse of your wedding — so make them count! We have everything you need from help with your wedding invitation design to quick and affordable turnaround.

JP Graphics wedding testimonialHaving great invitations can really make the difference and get your guests excited about your upcoming special day. But it’s not just a wedding invitation. A proper event requires thoughtful planning and can include pieces like save the date’s, RSVP and thank you cards. At JP Graphics in Santa Clara we have a team of graphic designers, print professionals, and a great customer service team to work with you from start to finish on your invitations, including mailing!
We’re a proud Carlson Craft Retailer™®.

Here are the types of wedding stationery we offer at JP Graphics in Santa Clara:

•Wedding Invitations

•Save the Date Cards

•Thank You Cards

•Favor Boxes

•Bridal and Baby Shower Invitations

•RSVP Cards

Great Graphic Design

Do you have something specific in mind? Whether your style is classic or trendy, our designers will work with you to make it happen.

Green Paper, Gold and Silver Metallic Inks, and more….

We’ve been in the print industry for a long time, and we have some of the best paper vendors to supply you with the right paper for your job. Need a green paper made of recycled fiber? We are a Certified Green Printer and more. Want to really wow them? We offer sophisticated looks such as embossing, foil stamping, die-cutting and much more.

Fast and Affordable Wedding Invitations

We are a one stop shop. Because we have everything you need to produce great invitations, even down to the mailing, we provide quick service that can work within your budget. Some companies have to outsource part or all of the project, and you end up paying for that cost. We are your full service printing partner in producing beautiful wedding invitations and stationary to fit your needs.


We’re a Carlson Craft Retailer™®.

Why Designers Choose Print

Print is unique….and a top choice of designers who know to make the most of its many possibilities. See the poster from ChoosePrint.org here

JP Graphics goes Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Join JP Graphics in Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donning pink lanyards!

These cute lanyards are being shipped with our October orders,
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Environmentally Friendly Printing

GreenBizLgoOutlined-2Is there such as thing as environmentally friendly print products?

Paper sometimes gets a “Bad Wrap” when it comes to the environment. As a certified green printer we thought we would take a moment to dispel some of the myths surrounding the print industry and use of paper.

Paper Can Be Recycled up to 7 Times!

Paper is the most reused material in the United States, and 65% of the paper sold is recycled. (AF&PA, 2013) To be considered recycled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), uncoated/writing paper requires a minimum of 30% post-consumer materials. Coated papers used in high quality printing and for magazines need a minimum of 10%.

What are post-consumer materials?

Paper that you have used and then returned to a recycling plant is considered post-consumer waste. This includes office paper, magazines, packaging, and publications. The papers are then de-inked, washed, and whitened, and converted into new paper and print products.

How does this differ from pre-consumer materials?

Unpurchased magazines and newspapers, and the scraps created in the milling process are considered pre-consumer waste.  Although they are usually reprocessed, these materials are often not considered recycled.

What about the trees?

Most of the harvested trees in the United States are used to make lumber, not pulp or paper. Almost 90% of the trees that are used for new paper come from private landowners, who maintain, sustainably manage, and renew the forests they harvest from.

Shouldn’t we worry about the “Carbon Footprint”?

Much of the energy used to produce paper is renewable. In fact according to a 2013 study by ECOFYS, a leading expert in sustainable energy solutions and climate policies, the entire pulp, paper, and print process accounts for only 1% of the world’s green-house gas emissions, making the paper and print production lifecycle one of the lowest industry emitters. Paperless solutions offer a different set of problems from manufacturing and e-waste concerns, to energy consumption, and the move to digital is typically a cost factor versus an environmental one.

How is JP Graphics green?

While many of the papers and products we use are recycled, we can also provide paper that is completely recycled upon request. Additionally, our facility recycles all of our leftover paper, packaging, ink, cartridges, and pre-consumer waste, and our entire building and print department is powered by solar.

What can I do to help?

Recycling paper has never been easier! Trash companies often provide bins, and many stores and shopping areas have paper recycling bins as well. The following products can be recycled depending on your waste management company:

– Writing paper, folders, stationary, business cards, notebooks, and colored paper

– Cereal boxes, product packaging, detergent boxes, corrugated boxes and coffee sleeves

– Paper shopping bags, gift bags, and wrapping paper

– Newspapers, old mail, and fliers

– Clean coffee cups, milk, and juice cartons

– Telephone books, magazines and catalogs (staples are okay)

– Hardcover & softcover books (you may need to find a recycler who specializes in this)

You can also repurpose your paper products and boxes! We’ve shared a few ideas on our Pinterest Board to get you started.


Tradeshow Services in Santa Clara-Container Consulting Service

Trade Show Services_JP Graphics Santa ClaraWe just attended a wonderful vendor fair at CCS (Container Consulting Service, Inc.) – “The leader in GREEN Packaging.”


The notepads (personalized) and my Small Purse “Thank you” boxes were a huge success…

Thank you Julie for the opportunity!!! Find out more about our trade show services in Santa Clara, CA.

Joan Escover

President JP Graphics printing services in Santa Clara, CA.

Printing is Green

Power of Print Booklet_JP GraphicsIs our Earth suffering because of print? The answer is no. Despite the common misconception, print is a sustainable and environmentally responsible communications medium.

In the new booklet, The Value of Print, you can explore the many ways in which print is green:

  • responsible products used
  • renewable energy sources such as our solar installation
  • increased recycling rates
  • improved design and delivery methods

Print media is the environmentally sound choice for communicating your brand message with the audiences you want to reach.

View the Value of Print booklet here.

We’re in Printing Impressions

Proud to be mentioned by Printing Impressions for our new MGI Meteor DP8700XL. The output is so crisp it truly equals offset printing. Here’s the article in Printing Impressions World http://bit.ly/1hYt0BV


We Love Color Printing

We love colors! Let us print yours. JP Graphics is your full-service printing partner.


Save 10% on Printing Services

Save 10% on all corporate or personal printing projects! Ask for the “Back to School” special.