Pre-Press Printing Services

Pre-press printing services in San JoseOur electronic pre-press department is well equipped to handle all your corporate and business printing projects in San Jose. If you need help setting up your files, ask to speak to one of our pre-press professionals; we gladly give free advice to help us work more efficiently with you. Our team is dedicated to helping you create digital files that will result in the printed pieces you envision when the ink is on the paper. We can deliver PressMatch color inkjet proofs as well as laser copies for separations, and PDF proofs.


  •  4 Mac G5’s, fully loaded graphics workstations
  •  2 Mac G4’s, fully loaded graphics workstations
  •  2 Dell PC, fully loaded graphic workstations
  •  1 Dell Trueflow/screen CTP server system (computer to plate)
  •  1 Epson 836XL 12×18 flatbed scanner
  •  1 Multiline Pro 28 Digi-Plate Processor
  •  1 HP 5500 Laser Printer
  •  2 Epson pro 9600/ Epson pro 4000 digital proofers featuring the compose dot proofing system
  •  1 Itek 12×18 Platemaker
  •  3 Plate Processors

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