Digital Printing Services

High Quality Digital Presses

Digital printing is a type of professional printing where files from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using our large-format or high-volume printers.

This type of printing allows for on-demand printing, quick turnaround, and total customization of your image. The savings you will find in labor and the continual evolving capability of our digital presses means that your choice in digital printing will match the quality of traditional offset printing techniques. Digital printing allows you to print a large quantity of customized sheets at a low price with fast turnaround.

We have high-quality digital presses to accommodate shorter run projects that need to look great and be done quickly. Let JP Graphics skilled craftsmen bring your masterpiece to life.

  • HP10000 digital color press–Max Sheet Size 20”x 29” (B2)
  • XEROX 1000i with metalic silver, gold, and spot clear-Max Sheet Size 13”x19”
  • MGI Meteor DP8700XL press, max. sheet size 13″x40″
  • Canon C5035 Digital Color Press, max. sheet size 12″x18″
  • Xerox 700i Digital Color Press, max. sheet size 12″ x 18″

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