Our JP Graphics Employee of the Month

Pauly Duong at JP Graphics

Employee of the Month – Pauly Duong


Thank you Pauly for all that you do to make JP Graphics successful! From pre-press and packaging, to mailing, your ability to evolve and adapt has helped us deliver an amazing all-in-one solution for corporations and print fulfillment centers. You are an amazing asset to this company, and a wonderful addition to the JP Graphics […]

Mai Pheap – JP Graphics Employee of the Month


Meet the Master of the X-33. With our Senior Staff meetings occurring 3 weeks after the previous month closes, we had a PRE-SELECT for October.

Greg Hernandiz JP Graphic employee of the month

Greg Hernandiz – JP Graphics Employee of the Month


One of the surprising things we have learned now that we’re on the recovery side of the pandemic, is how much more production capacity we have at JP Graphics.

Dave Mclintock JP Graphics

Dave Mclintock JP Graphics Employee of the Month


You know that you have a special management team when they select back-to-back managers for the Employee of the Month. I could not be happier that it was Dave Mclintock.

Miguel Ojeda

Employee of the Month – Miguel Ojeda


Things are finally back on track at JP Graphics. There were a lot of lessons to be learned from the COVID pandemic, and the most important was that our ideal client is medical / pharmaceutical printing and packaging. However, to accommodate their strict ISO regulations, on time delivery requirements, and precise shipping, you have to […]

Michelle Del Rey at JP Graphics

Michelle Del Rey – JP Graphics Employee of the Month


Meet our Employee of the Month for June 2022, Michelle Del Rey! Michelle started to work for us on April 6, 2020.  She had worked here before, left for a “dream job” at Google, only to return for what we hope to be her career job.

Employee of the Month Shalini Vijay

JP Graphics Employee of the Month is Shalini Vijay


Our Employee of the Month for May 2022 is Shalini Vijay! Shalini came to JP Graphics after touring our facility with her Graphic Design Class at Mission College.  She stopped by several times afterwards seeking an internship.  We started her off part time, to help design business cards and assist with typesetting.

Mark Stovall Employee of the Month

Mark Stovall – Employee of the Month


If the pandemic taught us anything, it was how to be resilient and evolve to accommodate a changing work environment.  We used the time to cross train the staff, service our equipment, and employ some of the machines we had that had been underutilized.  The Xanté Excelagraphix was one of those machines. The employee that mastered […]

Debbie Rainwater at JP Graphics

Debbie Rainwater – JP Graphics Employee of the Month


It was by unanimous decision that our March Employee of the Month should go to Debbie Rainwater!  Debbie has worked at JP Graphics as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) since March of 2014. Her role as makes her an expert at writing up job tickets and getting things into production. She is also the main point […]

JP Graphics Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month – Jonathan Barrientos


It is with incredible exuberance that we announce the Employee of the Month for February 2022.  Meet our newest and youngest employee, Jonathan Barrientos. Jonathan began working at JP Graphics in January 2022, as an employee referral.  Norbi had been looking for someone to help in Bindery to expand the die-cutting and gluing department, and […]

Freddie at JP Graphics

Meet Freddie – JP Graphics Employee of the Month


Freddy seems to always win the Employee of the Month on his birthday month in January, and this year was no exception. Freddy helped so much with the company party in December, however it was all the changes in 2022 that have made Freddy stand out again in January. Supply chain issues created a paper […]