Our JP Graphics Employee of the Month

Meet Our Latest Employees of the Month – Miguel Ojeda and Pete Anderson


This month was somewhat amazing, as all of our managers chose a great employee, but there was no unanimous winner.  In light of this, two great employees share the honor this month. Miguel Ojeda and Pete Anderson, both previous winners, but together they made a crazy month of deliveries go incredibly well.

Meet Marie Gowman – Employee of the Month


Numbers don’t lie, and so it was an easy choice for everyone to select Marie Gowman as our May Employee of the Month. Marie has been with JP Graphics since Feb 2003, and she immediately brought results thanks to her amazing print and sales experience. Her dedication and follow-through shows in her customer retention and […]

Meet Julio Mendez – JP Graphics Employee of the Month

This month’s employee is a 2-time winner… Julio Mendez. Julio has worked at JP Graphics since 11/30/2015, and he is one of the most dedicated employees here. He has transformed our Digital Department, to be one of the most revered in the Valley.

Meet Claudia Rubio – Employee of the Month

For the month of June 2019, it was decided that Claudia Rubio would get the nod as our Employee of the Month. Claudia has worked at JP Graphics since April of 2003, and is literally mentioned at every senior staff meeting as a possible candidate.  She is the IDEAL employee and is dedicated to JP Graphics through and through.

Meet Mark Stovall – Employee of the Month


We’re thrilled that Mark Stovall was chosen as our Employee of the Month for March. Mark began working here in November of 2014 and is a true craftsman! He has completed some amazing stationery projects on small presses that we normally wouldn’t try. His coverage, consistency of color, and registration is bar none, and thanks […]

Meet Joe Haslemann – Employee of the Month


The team selected Joe Haslemann as our favorite employee this February.   Joe has worked for JP Graphics since January 8, 2012 and has been a great asset to the JP team and our customers! He is a “Joe” of all trades, and a “helper to everyone”. Over the years Joe’s role has changed multiple […]