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Shout Out to the Talented Graphic Designers out there! You know who you are!

2019 is the year to Print It – Love It – Share It

JP Graphics will be featuring Graphic Designers using our NEW embellishment equipment!  If you have a project you want to feature reach out to us and let us know!

We’ll be selecting winners based on the following criteria:
– Overall Creativity
– Use of embellishments (The more the merrier)
– Extra points for shapes and die-cuts

Winning designers will be featured during the month they’re selected and have the opportunity to be listed on our new Designer Referral section, that lists your specialities and showcases your winning project!

We look forward to seeing what you create!

The New Xerox Iridesse Production Press

The Xerox Iridesse Production Press delivers breathtaking image quality, jaw-dropping spot embellishments and stunning metallic hues — in a single pass.

Our new Xerox Iridesse Production Press is here to grant all of your design wishes. Built with some of the newest print technology, it is one of the hottest items on the market. Printing enhancements such as coatings, white inks, spot colors, metal inks and gamut extenders, can really boost the “Wow Factor” of your printed materials. Use these stunning embellishments on any printed product. Use it for your brochures, direct mail, greeting cards, business cards, point-of-purchase signage and even book covers.

6 Color Printing Ability

The Iridesse is the only digital press that can print any combination of metallic gold or silver dry ink, white ink, clear ink, and CMYK, in a single pass without any slow down or hit to productivity!


Eliminates the need for multiple presses and processes that are usually required for print embellishments
Speeds of up to 120 pages per minute
Suitable for all paperweight (up to 400GSM)

Creative Expansion

Entirely new palate of iridescent specialty effects
One stop solution
If your graphic designer can imagine it, we can print it

Xerox Iridesse Production Press

Designing for Metallic Dry Inks


Designing for Metallic Dry Inks with the Iridesse Production Press

Welcome to more Visual Wow! Most print designers we know dream of working on a project that involves specialty effects including metallic dry inks. That’s why we’re excited to announce the installation of our new JP Graphics Xerox® Iridesse Production Press.

Varnishes and foiling are two popular examples of eye-catching finishes that can be applied by industrial printing companies, but the added cost and time can make these projects quite a rarity. The Xerox® Iridesse Production Press changes that. With this press, you can combine stunning four-color imagery with up to two Specialty Dry Inks – including a choice of metallic Xerox Silver Dry Ink, Xerox Gold Dry Ink, or Xerox Clear Dry Inks – in a single pass, all without sacrificing digital printing benefits such as economical short runs and personalized printing.

The Iridesse lets designers create applications with spot colors, metallic and mixed metallic gradients, and specialty enhancements. Gold and silver dry metallic inks can be used on their own or layered under or over CMYK to create unique iridescent palettes. A layer of clear dry ink can be added for an extra touch of dimension or texture. Now you can really add some bling to your printed materials.


Grab Some Bling for Your Printed Materials

Print. It’s an essential means of communication, one of the first we learn. After speaking, the ability to put characters to paper and send our message into the world is one of the most powerful tools we are given to make ourselves seen and heard.

At JP Graphics we offer the full range of print capabilities including “luxury” printing offered by our new Xerox Iridesse Production Printer. Think disco balls, diamonds, anything that shines!

Add the luxury and brilliance of gold, silver, bronze and pearlescent colors to your printed graphics with JP Graphics printing solutions. Metallic inks give signs, labels, decals, displays, vehicle wraps and even decorated apparel an upscale and sophisticated appearance. Impress your customers with your luxury printed collateral from JP Graphics.

The latest Xerox digital press – the Xerox Irridesse. Think of the possibilities Metallic Ink gives and how great it looks. Many print companies offer metallic toner/inks, but with our new Xerox Iridesse a new level of ‘true-to-physics’ looks are achieved. Looks really cool.

Contact JP Graphics for a sample, or better yet stop by our factory and see for yourself!



What the Paper Mill Closures Mean to JP Graphics Customers

Paper Price increases

What the Recent Paper Mill Closures Mean to our Customers 


The paper industry is at a turning point, and we’re here to help.  The recent announcement of the Georgia Pacific paper mill closure, will result in a market loss of 650,000 tons or 8% of uncoated paper!  This loss and additional paper mill closures in early 2019 has resulted in a significant rise in paper costs, as smaller machines and facilities are working to keep up with the demand.

Rising Cost of Goods and Freight Increases

Additionally, the rising cost of materials to make pulp and shipping and freight increases, has resulted in an across-the-board increases for the paper industry in Q1 of 2019.   We’ve been receiving letters from our paper suppliers indicating a 3-5% increase as well, and anticipate this trend will continue throughout the year.

We’re Here To Help

Thankfully, JP Graphics is set up to address these fluctuations.  Our large facility allows us to order in bulk to prevent radical shifts in paper prices. Enabling us to lock in the pricing and honor our existing customer quotes for 30 days.  This also ensures we have the recycled stocks on-hand for your order, instead of incurring rush shipping fees or waiting days for the longer production times of the remaining paper mills.

We appreciate your business and commitment to green printing, and will keep you updated with any new data in the industry as it arises.  Thank you for your continued support of your local, woman-owned, green printing partner!

Printing on Corrugated Boxes – Your Packaging Matters

Dante box printer

JP Graphics now prints directly on your corrugated boxes. With our Xante box printer we can help you extend your brand to packaging! From wine cartons to delivery boxes we’ve got you covered! JP Graphics helps you produce packaging that supports a positive “unboxing” experience that enhances the customer relationship and advances your company’s message.

Packaging is now part of the marketing mix, playing a critical role in how your product and brand are perceived in the marketplace. If your company prides itself on creativity, a plain brown box will not suffice. Every customer needs to receive a box as creative as the product it holds.

Watch the JP Graphics Xante box printer in action on our factory floor!

Wide Format Print Projects | Custom Vinyl Window Clings

Wide format window cling

JP Graphics produces wide-format print projects beyond simple posters and banners, and we want to share a few ideas with you. Impress your customers with a gallery wrap hanging in your office, or consider a sign printed on clear plexiglass with a 3D effect that would look great outside the front door of your business. Wall murals and window graphics are a big hit, with the latest trend being window clings.

We print large window clings in full color at a photo-realistic 720 dpi.

Whether you want a white window cling for traditional window signage, or the custom look of clear, we can do that!


custom vinyl window clings

Vinyl custom window cling is applied in the same manner as adhesive vinyl – with water and a squeegee to push the air bubbles out. The difference is that custom vinyl window clings comes off easily, so it’s a great choice for sales, promotions and other temporary uses. Consider a cling with cut-outs for a really impressive touch!

Generally, if you send us a good hi-resolution photo we can make outstanding looking wall murals that are faithful to color and grab the viewers attention.

The whole process takes about two weeks, faster if you are in a rush. Call JP Graphics and get started with your next wide format print project! Contact JP Graphics….

Solar Powered Printing Company


In our industry, being conscious of the environment is very important to us. That’s why we are proud to be the best solar powered printing company in Santa Clara.

Our Solar Installation is now complete! The system was completed on November 26th, 2014. Another 685 solar panels were installed for an additional 110 kW. This investment demonstrates our commitment to saving the environment. We’re also a “Certified Green printing company“.

On a nice California summer day, the solar installation will produce over 800 kWh of clean, green, and economical energy! This will offset or meet nearly 75% of JP Graphics summer daily peak load.

JP Graphics Printer | Solar Panels

Cool Earth Solar developed and installed this top of the line solar system for JP Graphics. They are the best! 🙂

We’re proud to be your local print shop for the Santa Clara County, San Jose, and Greater Silicon Valley area for over 15 years. We work hard to ensure we exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to perfection, making your printing project easy, and ensure it’s completed on time and on budget.

Contact JP Graphics

Pantone Color of the Year 2019 | Living Coral

We’re loving the 2019 color of the year as it reminds us of the tactile nature of coral, and it’s a great excuse to embrace this gorgeous hue by adding texture to your prints!

From flamingo feathers to coral reefs, JP Graphics can bring “Living Coral” to life, and grab your customer’s attention with a tactile spot UV Varnish! JP Graphics is proud to offer Spot UV Coating for your printed materials. We’ve recently installed the Duplo DuSense DDC-810. This impressive machine can Spot UV Varnish as thick as 80 microns.

Need more ideas to incorporate this gorgeous color in your print marketing? Give us a call!

JP Graphics Adds Spot UV Coating Capability

Spot UV Coated business card

JP Graphics is proud to offer Spot UV Coating for your printed materials. We’ve recently installed the Duplo DuSense DDC-810. This impressive machine can Spot UV Varnish as thick as 80 microns. It’s not quite the size of a water droplet, but not far off… can you spot the difference on this business card?!?!

Spot UV Coated business card

Spot UV Coating raises the printed page up to a whole new level. It creates a digital emboss that heightens the senses. It engages whoever receives your printed collateral in a way that until recently, was out of the price range of most commercial printers. Our easy-to-use Duplo DuSense Sensory Coater makes it possible for JP Graphics to offer a cost effective digital embellishment service to our customers.



UV embellishment adds a dimension to your printed materials

that you can touch and feel.


JP Graphics Goes Green with Recycled Stock Paper

, ,

Help Save the Planet with Print!

Silicon Valley Print Shop Goes Green with Recycled Stock Paper


SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Woman-owned commercial printer, JP Graphics, has upped their commitment to environmentally friendly print practices by printing all new orders on recycled paper products.

As of July 1st, all print papers, coated stocks, and board stocks contain recycled paper. Specialty orders can be placed for non-recycled products; however, the JP Graphics standard is green.

“Our mission is to print products that customers love, while reducing our carbon footprint;” states Joan Escover, President of JP Graphics, “Our shop is powered by solar, and we’ve always offered recycled paper as an option. The move to all recycled paper as a default, is a logical next step in our commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly products and services.”

In addition to all recycled papers, JP Graphics has implemented chemical free process-less plates, which require less water, less energy, and generate less waste.  They also use environmentally friendly low/no VOC (volatile organic compound) vegetable and soy inks, which improve indoor air quality and reduce harmful carcinogens.

Founded by Joan Escover in 1998, JP Graphics is an environmentally friendly commercial print shop located in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Their team holds a G7 Master Printer Certification and specializes in environmentally friendly print processes. 

 JP Graphics has the machines and technology to print everything in house; from posters and signage to folders and die-cut boxes.  Their clients range from Fortune 500 companies, to small businesses and individual consumers, and they have graphic designers, and a bindery department on staff to assist with print campaigns, packaging, and catalogs.

 Their 36,000 sq. ft. print shop and office building has been powered by solar since 2008, and they recycle all leftover paper, packaging, ink, cartridges, and pre-consumer waste to ensure every print project not only looks amazing but is environmentally friendly too!


Find out more about JP Graphics Green Printing Services here.

If you would like more information about this topic contact Suzi Worley at 408-235-8821; email

It’s Red Nose Day at JP Graphics!

JP Graphics support Red Nose Day

At JP Graphics, we’re on a mission to end child poverty, and support programs that keep children safe, healthy, and educated. We’re proud to contribute to the Red Nose Day movement.

What is Red Nose Day? Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign run by the non-profit organization Comic Relief Inc., a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity. Globally, Red Nose Day has raised over $1 billion since its launch in 1988.

Red Nose Day brings people together to have fun, raise money and change the lives of kids who need our help the most.

Red Nose Day launched in the US in 2015, dedicated to ending child poverty, both in the US and in some of the poorest communities in the world. The money raised by Red Nose Day in the US has benefited programs for children and young people in all 50 states and in 34 countries internationally.

The money raised by Red Nose Day benefits children in some of the neediest communities in the US and some of the poorest communities in the world. Partner charities include Boys & Girls Clubs of America; charity: water; Children’s Health Fund; Covenant House; Feeding America; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; UnidosUS; Save the Children and The Global Fund.

All of Red Nose Day’s grant money supports projects to keep children and young people safe, healthy, educated and empowered. You can find out more about the amazing programs we fund through Red Nose Day at

We’re Proud to Print for the Warriors!

We’re Proud to Print for the Warriors!

When the Warriors need posters and cards printed for the big game, they choose JP Graphics. We’re proud to print for the Warriors!

“We really need the posters on Monday for the game, so if you can get your people working on the posters this weekend, that would be great! Let me know and I can work out the details for delivery to Oracle for Monday morning.” JP Graphics will work through the weekend to get your rush print order out the door and delivered. More about our delivery services.

Watch the video below to see posters rolling.