Thank you Duplo USA for the Shima Award and the capability to help our customers stand apart from the crowd through Digital UV!

JP Graphics Wins Duplo USA Award for specialty finishingDuplo USA Corporation announced the winners of its inaugural print embellishment competition, the Shima Awards. Created for users of the DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater, the Shima Awards recognize innovative companies that are leveraging the power of spot coating, texture and tactile effects to deliver print products that are eye-catching and cost effective for customers. JP Graphics is proud to receive the Silver Award. Read the complete press release here…

Silver Award – JP Graphics

JP Graphics in Santa Clara, Calif., has been able to differentiate themselves from the average printer by applying spot coating to various applications including packaging and magnets. By offering a tactile experience with their print products, they have increased their B2C client base substantially over the past year. “The DDC-810 helps our small business customers stand out from the crowd and compete with larger corporations by creating pieces their clients value,” says Joan Escover, President of JP Graphics. “Duplo is really the icing on the cake and I can actually make it look and feel like icing on a cake. Everyone needs the DDC-810, they just don’t know it!”

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