JP Graphics Prints Die Cut Mailers

Why Use a Branded Die Cut Mailer?

Why go to a commercial printer to brand and print your business mailer when you could use standard mailers?

The average person gets 2-3 pieces of mail per day. While that pales in comparison to email, (most professionals get more than 100 per day) it’s still competition. So how do you ensure that your mail piece gets the attention it deserves?

For starters, don’t do what everyone else is doing. A standard envelope isn’t going to cut it. But a unique shape—created with a die cut—is a sure-fire way to rise above other mailbox competitors. In fact, some reports say that die-cut mail can boost response rates by 300%.

Why Use a Branded Mailer?

1) Your message and company will stand out from all other mail received including expedited, priority and overnight mailings.

2) You can market your brand & services even before the envelope is opened.

3) Your marketing message and brand will be viewed numerous times.

4) Build your brand instead of FedEx, UPS, DHL and the USPS.

What are my options for a branded mailer?

With a gorgeous matte finish, our classic white custom cardboard boxes are our most popular option. It takes well to any color, especially bright, vibrant hues. And these mailers have the added benefit of being “green”. Paper and cardboard are two of the most recyclable materials out there. JP Graphics prints directly on your die-cut mailing envelope as shown in the video.

Sustainable Packaging Options Help Your Business Grow

JP Graphics is passionate about sustainability. The majority of our cardboard material options contain recycled content, to the highest degree allowed by the paper industry’s standards. Making the switch to green packaging materials will not only reduce the impact your business has on the environment, it will earn you new, loyal customers who are eco-conscious like yourself. If you’re ready to tap into a new audience, set yourself apart from the competition, and do something great for the planet, there’s no time like the present to make the switch.