What the Paper Mill Closures Mean to JP Graphics Customers

Paper Price increases

What the Recent Paper Mill Closures Mean to our Customers 

 The paper industry is at a turning point, and we’re here to help.  The recent announcement of the Georgia Pacific paper mill closure, will result in a market loss of 650,000 tons or 8% of uncoated paper!  This loss and additional paper mill closures in early 2019 has resulted in a significant rise in paper costs, as smaller machines and facilities are working to keep up with the demand.

Rising Cost of Goods and Freight Increases

Additionally, the rising cost of materials to make pulp and shipping and freight increases, has resulted in an across-the-board increases for the paper industry in Q1 of 2019.   We’ve been receiving letters from our paper suppliers indicating a 3-5% increase as well, and anticipate this trend will continue throughout the year.

We’re Here To Help

Thankfully, JP Graphics is set up to address these fluctuations.  Our large facility allows us to order in bulk to prevent radical shifts in paper prices. Enabling us to lock in the pricing and honor our existing customer quotes for 30 days.  This also ensures we have the recycled stocks on-hand for your order, instead of incurring rush shipping fees or waiting days for the longer production times of the remaining paper mills.

We appreciate your business and commitment to green printing, and will keep you updated with any new data in the industry as it arises.  Thank you for your continued support of your local, woman-owned, green printing partner!