Grab Some Bling for Your Printed Materials

Print. It’s an essential means of communication, one of the first we learn. After speaking, the ability to put characters to paper and send our message into the world is one of the most powerful tools we are given to make ourselves seen and heard.

At JP Graphics we offer the full range of print capabilities including “luxury” printing offered by our new Xerox Iridesse Production Printer. Think disco balls, diamonds, anything that shines!

Add the luxury and brilliance of gold, silver, bronze and pearlescent colors to your printed graphics with JP Graphics printing solutions. Metallic inks give signs, labels, decals, displays, vehicle wraps and even decorated apparel an upscale and sophisticated appearance. Impress your customers with your luxury printed collateral from JP Graphics.

The latest Xerox digital press – the Xerox Irridesse. Think of the possibilities Metallic Ink gives and how great it looks. Many print companies offer metallic toner/inks, but with our new Xerox Iridesse a new level of ‘true-to-physics’ looks are achieved. Looks really cool.

Contact JP Graphics for a sample, or better yet stop by our factory and see for yourself!