Specialty Finishes


Create Stunning Visual Effects with Foil Using the HP Indigo

Add the WOW factor to your business cards, high-end wedding invitations, brochures and more. The recent introduction of digital foiling or “sleeking” techniques allows visually impressive metallic or ‘spot UV’ effects to be created using a digital laminating machine, drastically reducing the cost. The world of Sleeking™ digital print finishing technology involves a special image transfer that specifically bonds the Sleeking™ and Stamping™ foils to digital ink on nearly any digitally printed surface. Available in multiple finishes.

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The Xerox Iridesse Production Press delivers jaw-dropping spot embellishments and stunning metallic hues

Our new Xerox Iridesse Production Press is here to grant all of your design wishes. Built with some of the newest print technology, it is one of the hottest items on the market. Printing enhancements such as coatings, white inks, spot colors, metal inks and gamut extenders, can really boost the “Wow Factor” of your printed materials. Use these stunning embellishments on any printed product. Use it for your brochures, direct mail, greeting cards, business cards, point-of-purchase signage and even book covers.

6 Color Printing Ability

The Iridesse is the only digital press that can print any combination of metallic gold or silver dry ink, white ink, clear ink, and CMYK, in a single pass without any slow down or hit to productivity!

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Designing for Metallic Inks with the Xerox® Iridesse

Welcome to more Visual Wow! Most print designers we know dream of working on a project that involves specialty effects including metallic dry inks. That’s why we’re excited to announce the installation of our new JP Graphics Xerox® Iridesse Production Press.

Varnishes and foiling are two popular examples of eye-catching finishes that can be applied by industrial printing companies, but the added cost and time can make these projects quite a rarity. The Xerox® Iridesse Production Press changes that. With this press, you can combine stunning four-color imagery with up to two Specialty Dry Inks – including a choice of metallic Xerox Silver Dry Ink, Xerox Gold Dry Ink, or Xerox Clear Dry Inks – in a single pass, all without sacrificing digital printing benefits such as economical short runs and personalized printing.

The Iridesse lets designers create applications with spot colors, metallic and mixed metallic gradients, and specialty enhancements. Gold and silver dry metallic inks can be used on their own or layered under or over CMYK to create unique iridescent palettes. A layer of clear dry ink can be added for an extra touch of dimension or texture. Now you can really add some bling to your printed materials.