Common Folds for Brochure Printing

Most of the marketing materials that we print fall into what can be called the ‘standard’ fold types. Some of the standard paper folds that we do every day for JP Graphics customers are shown here in our downloadable brochure folds PDF.

A non-folded piece is generally called a flyer by industry professionals, whereas a folded flyer is called a brochure. An essential part of the early planning stages of a well designed brochure is deciding where and how you want it to fold. Although not as complicated as Japanese Origami, there are many ways to fold a piece of paper, and the way it folds (and unfolds) is an integral part of the presentation of your brochure design.

If you really want to get interesting, you could even design a brochure with an unusual, custom die cut shape and fold, but for many companies that kind of added expense is out of their budget. Without going crazy with it there are, however, many types of brochure folds that are easily machine-folded and thus inexpensive methods of creating an intriguing way of presenting your marketing information on a folded piece of paper.

So get started by checking out these popular 14 brochure folds in our downloadable PDF, and see which type fits your needs best.